Window cleaners Inverness

Customer payments

Pay by Direct debit:

Please click the GoCardless link below

Paying with GO CARDLESS is 100% secure, very simple to set up and your bank details are never disclosed to Clear Vison Highland Ltd at any point in the process. We collect regular payments via go cardless, this is not a monthly direct debit. The mandate form will only take 2 minutes to complete, and you only have to do it once. GO CARDLESS is perfect for recurring billing which is not set on a specific date.

Pay by Cheque:

Payable to: Clear Vision Highland Ltd

Pay by Bank transfer:

Clear Vision Highland Ltd
Please contact us for if you require further details

Pay Pal/Credit/Debit card:

Click ‘Pay Now’ button below to pay by Pay Pal or Card
Please enter your name and address and enter number only e.g. 20.00 (wihout £ sign) then click ‘Pay Now’ button below


Amount to pay (£): (insert numbers only - e.g. 20.00)

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